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Reserve Officer DCO package

  1. Find a Reserve Officer Recruiter before starting a package.



 ***This checklist is intended to be a guide to assist in the generation of a DCO kit***

Program AuthorizationsSEAL 1135HR 1205EDO 1465AEDO 1515AMDO 1525PAO 1655SSO 1665

SUPPLY 3165CEC 5105OCEANO 1805CW 1815IP 1825INTEL 1835 

ATTENTION All NAVCRUITDISTs: Documents should be attached to the current officer processing system.


023     [] Application Checklist (REV 04-2017)
002     [] Application Processing and Summary Record (NC 1131/238) (REV 09-2016)
015     [] SF 86 (REV 12-2010)  signed and dated by the applicant within past 6 months. Submit to OPM at the time of physical. (Note 015)
004     []     [] Birth Certificate or Request Verification of Birth (DD-372) if original birth certificate unavailable
006     []     [] Evidence of U.S. Citizenship
008     [] Social Security Card Issued by Social Security Administration (SSA) or DD-214 or Report of Separation and Record of Service for Prior Army or Air National Guard Members (NGB-22) (Note 008)
025     []     [] Verify JPAS status in PRIDE MOD II. (Required for SEAL, CEC, EDO, AEDO, AMDO)


018     [] Resume/Curriculum Vitae signed and dated by the applicant
103     []     [] Professional Community Interviewer’s Appraisal Sheet (NC 1131/5) (REV 02-2014)  (Note 103)
019     [] References minimum of one employment reference on DD-370  (REV 03-2009) or letterhead (Note 019)
172     []     [] Photograph, full-length, 5×7 or 8×10 (SEAL only)
175     []     [] SEAL Team 17 or 18 Command Endorsement (Sample) (SEAL only)
176     []     [] Professional Engineer License or Engineer in Training Certificate required for CEC applicants with an Engineering Technology degree
177     []     [] Copy of all licenses for SSO applicants
179     []     [] IWC Region OIC endorsement (Sample) for IWC (1805, 1815, 1825, 1835) applicants
180     []     [] Letter or Certificate of good standing to practice law from licensing authority for JAG (2505) applicants


009     []     [] DD-214(s)  If prior active service/reserve service include most recent copy
111     []     [] Annual Statement of Service History (ASOSH) Point Capture for those with reserve time &/or unaccounted time
024     []     [] CO’s Recommendation (Sample) all drilling reserve applicants
010     []     [] Fitness Reports/Evaluations if prior service (Note 010)


005     []     [] Change of Name Statement (NC 1131/14) (REV 06-2011) provide copy of court documents/marriage license
021     []     [] Family Care Plan Certificate (NP 1740/6) REV (02-2011) must include if single parent or dual military as applicable
016     []     [] Police Record Checks (DD-369) (REV 12-2014) if applicable
022     []     [] United States Navy Tattoo Screening Certificates (NC 1130/104) (REV 05-2016) Only required if the applicant has a tattoo(s)
026     [] Tattoo/Body Art/Mutilation/Body Marking Warning (NAVPERS 1070/613) (REV 05-2016)
007     [] Disclosure of SSN Privacy Act Statement (NC 5211/1) (REV 10-2010)
014     [] Statement of Understanding for Security Investigation (NC 1070/613) (REV. 08-2012)
105     []      [] Maximum Age Statement of Understanding (NC 1131/54) (REV 06-2011) For applicants age 41 or older
173     []    [] Letter of Understanding for EDO Applicants (NC 1131/229)
174     []    [] Letter of Understanding for SUPPLY Applicants (NC 1131/228)


178     [] N3M PQ/PQW letter required upon submission for all programs (Waiver Process)


003     [] Copies of Official Transcripts include all front and reverse sides for each college attended.  (Note 003)


900     []     [] All required NAVCRUITCOM Mandatory Determinations completed and attached.
910     []     [] All required CO NAVCRUITDIST Alcohol/Drug/Civil Waivers approved and attached.
920     []     [] All required NAVCRUITCOM Alcohol/Drug/Civil Waivers approved and attached.
930     []     [] Required RE-code waiver approved and attached


006     []     [] Renunciation of Foreign Citizenship (if applicable).  See CRUITMANOFF 020201 for guidance
025     []     [] Verify JPAS status in PRIDE MOD II.
012     []     [] Conditional Release (DD-368) (REV 08-2011) all non-Navy military (Note 012)
171     [] Ready Reserve Transfer Request Service Agreement (NAVPERS 1200/1) (must contain billet info)


003          Transcripts can be electronic version but must be printed in the recruiter’s presence and signed/dated by an officer recruiter or processor to be a true copy. Cannot just state the number of credits/hours transferred. Transcripts obtained online must be official transcripts. JAG DCO applicants must have obtained a law degree (Juris Doctor) from a law school considered by the ABA to be accredited under provisions established by the ABA at the time of their graduation from the law school. It is not sufficient to attend a state or state bar accredited law school as it must be an ABA-accredited law school.

008          Copies shall be annotated “Reproduced for Reference Purposes Only” written or typed in a conspicuous location.

010          Fitness Reports/Evaluations – Submit the last three years of AC/RC FITREPs/EVALs plus any derogatory information. SEAL applicants must submit copies of ALL AC/RC evaluations and PSR and ESR. JAG applicants shall provide a description of positions held and military training and education completed. Documentation from the ASOSH/DD-214 must show a minimum of 1 year of cumulative active duty service.

012          Conditional release will be required along with final documents (FINDOCs) upon selection.   Applicants who are members of other services must have the DD-368 approved by the applicable branch of service and it cannot expire within 90 days of submission as a FINDOC to allow for adequate processing time.

015          If the applicant has a current Tier 3/Tier 3R (<10 yrs old) or Tier 5 (<5 yrs old) in JPAS, with no break in service >2 yrs, a new SF-86 must be completed. Include a copy of the new SF-86 with the completed application. Note: the SF-86 will not be transmitted to OPM in NASIS unless requested from a higher authority. If the applicant had a > 2-year break in federal service since the adjudication of their Tier 3/Tier 3R or Tier 5, a new 5 SF-86 must be submitted to OPM via EQIP.

019          One employment reference is required. When an employment reference is not possible, i.e., no work history, then submit a character reference. References may be submitted on either the DD-370 form or on company letterhead. Keep in mind that submitting more than one reference is highly encouraged. Please review the respective Program Authorization for any additional requirements.

103          Please refer to Program Authorizations for specific requirements.   All DCO programs, except SSO, require a minimum of one interview from SELRES, FTS or active duty officers within the same designator.  No interviews from retired officers will be accepted.  All interviews have a one-year currency to the board convene date.

(a)    SEAL requires three interviews from NSW officers O-4 and above.

(b)   HR requires ONLY two interviews by HR officers O-5 and above.

(c)    PAO requires at least two interviews, one from a SELRES PAO at the O-5 or O-6 rank and the second interview from any PAO at the O-4 through O-6 rank.

(d)   SSO does not require interviews.

(e)    IWC programs (1805, 1815, 1825, 1835) require a minimum of two interviews and a maximum of three.  At least two interviews must be from IWC Officers O-4 and above.  At least one must come from the applicant’s first designator choice.

(f)    SUPPLY requires at least two interviews, one from a Reserve component (SELRES or FTS) Supply officer at the O-5 or O-6 rank and the second interview from any Supply officer at the O-4 through O-6 rank.

(g)   CEC requires two interviews from CEC officers O-4 and above.  One interview may come from the O-3 accessions officer.

(h)   JAG requires one interview from a Reserve component O6 JAG officer.


 General DCO Notes: 

FINDOCS SECTION:  If the applicant is Professionally Recommended Yes (PRO-Y), the following documents are required within 60 days prior to issuance of the final selection (FINSEL) letter:

a. (006) Renunciation of Foreign Citizenship (if applicable).  See CRUITMANOFF 020201 for guidance

b. (012) DD-368 (if applicable).  Cannot expire within 90 days of submission

c. (171) Must contain NOSC, unit name, RUIC, and RBSC (if no 4 digit RBSC, then put IAP).  Proof of billet assignment is required for suppressed billets.

2. If the applicant has prior service as a Navy Officer, request a status check from PERS-911C.  An upload reply e-mail with the kit.

3. Although the newly commissioned DCO may have signed his/her oath and RRA, they are not authorized to drill until PERS-911C has approved the RRA. Newly commissioned DCOs may report to their first drill weekend when NAVCRUITCOM HQ has uploaded the approved RRD into the current officer processing system.


Rev. Apr 2017

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