Unofficial United States Navy Information and Training Resource (About this Page) (FAQ) The best way to SEARCH this page is CTRL+F. LCDR Beamsley’s (Ret.) Top Frequently Used Links (Last Update: Monday, 10APR2017) NMCI EMAIL Web Server in the EAST  or the WEST  [DOD EMAIL Certificate] (NMCI Service Desk 1-866-843-6624) NSIPS (Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System)  [DOD Certificate] (aka Electronic Service Record (ESR)) (Help Desk: 1-877-589-5991 option 2, 504-697-5442 option 2, or EDM [DOD Certificate] (Training Video: How to Reschedule Drill Periods Using EDM) (Create and view Individual IDT Request) NROWS (Navy Reserve Order Writing System)  [DOD EMAIL Certificate] (Help Desk: 800-537-4617) & then use, if … Continue reading Navy